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OpenStreetMap attribution is miss!!

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    Stefano Cotterli

    This is not simply a request of a new feature: YOU ARE VIOLATING the TOU of the OpenStreetMap, missing the attribution. This problem was already pointed out by this post:
    I am sure you plugin WAS displayng the correct attribution some versions ago, but now no longer. It is obviously a little bug you was not aware to introcuce, so fix it as up please!
    Refers to: http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright/en

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    Amministratore del forum

    Sorry, it’s not intention to break any license, I’ll fix asap

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    Amministratore del forum

    Wait wait, I’m not showing the credits and this is 100% my fault.
    Are you sure I was displaying the correct attribution? I don’t like this kind of supposition.

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    yes, i’m agree with you!
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    Can you plese welcome me, i’m a new user

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