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This plugin has, as input, the GPX file with the track you’ve made and as output it shows the map of the track and an interactive altitude graph (where available).

Fully configurable:

  • Custom colors
  • Custom icons
  • Multiple language support

NextGen Gallery Integration:

Display your NextGen Gallery images inside the map! Even if you don’t have a gps camera, this plugin can retrive the image position starting from the image date and you gpx file.

Old NGGallery Images (without gps data) and gpx: http://www.pedemontanadelgrappa.it/mappe/itinerario-3-alta-via-degli-eroi/

Translated into 7 languages:

  • English (default)
  • Italian it_IT
  • German de_DE
  • Spanish es_ES
  • Dutch nl_NL
  • Swedish sv_SE
  • Turkish tr_TR

(many thanks to all the guys who helped me with the translations)

  • iphone/ipad/ipod Compatible

Try this plugin: http://www.pedemontanadelgrappa.it/category/mappe/

Support Forum

Supported gpx namespaces are:

  1. http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0
  2. http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1
  3. http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3
  4. http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrackPointExtension/v1

Thanks to: http://www.securcube.net, http://www.devfarm.it, http://www.pedemontanadelgrappa.it

Up to version 1.1.15 Highcharts-API is the only available rendering engine. Please respect their license and pricing (only Free for Non-Commercial usage).



  • Fix: In the post list, sometime, the maps was not displaying correctly ( the php rand() function was not working?? )
  • Various improvements for multi track gpx. Thanks to GPSracks.tv
  • Summary table is now avaiable even without chart. Thanks to David


  • 2 decimals for unit of measure min/km and min/mi
  • translation file updated (a couple of phrases added)
  • File list reverse order (from the newer to the older)
  • nggallery integration: division by zero fixed


  • Decimals reducted to 1 for unit of measure min/km and min/mi
  • map zoom and center position is working with waypoints only files
  • automatic scale works again (thanks to MArkus)


  • You can exclude cache (slower and not recommended)
  • You can decide what show in the summary table
  • German translation (thanks to Ali)


  • Fixed fullscreen map image slideshow


  • Multi track gpx support
  • Next Gen Gallery images positions derived from date. You can adjust the date with the shortcode attribute dtoffset
  • If you set Chart Height (shortcode gheight) = 0 means hide the graph
  • Fix: All images should work, independent from browser cache


  • Decimal separator is working with all the browsers
  • minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer was wrong


  • Decimal and thousand separator derived from browser language
  • Added summary table (see settings): Total distance, Max elevation, Min elevation, Total climbing, Total descent, Average speed
  • Added 2 speed units of measure: minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer


  • Multilanguage implementation (only front-end). I’ve implemented the italian one, I hope somebody will help me with other languages..
  • Map Full screen mode (I’m sure it’s not working in ie6. don’t even ask!)
  • Added waypoint custom icon


  • Added possibility to download your gpx


  • Security fix, please update!


  • enable map zoom on scroll wheel (check settings)
  • test attributes in get params


  • google maps images fixed (templates with bad css)
  • upgrade to google maps 3.9



  • include jQuery if needed


  • Remove zero values from cadence and heart rate charts
  • nextgen gallery improvement


  • Cadence chart (where available)
  • minor bug fixes


  • migration from google chart to highcharts. Highcharts are much better than google chart! This is the base for a new serie of improvements. Stay in touch for the next releases!
  • heart rate chart (where available)


  • added css to avoid map bars display issue


  • added new types of maps: Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map, Hike & Bike.
  • fixed nextgen gallery caching problem


  • nextgen gallery display bug fixes


71 commenti

  1. Short version: the map won’t show.

    Here’s what I’ve done…

    The upload function wouldn’t work (There was an error uploading the file, please try again!) so I uploaded the gpx file via ftp. The plugin saw the file just fine. The shortcode displays a big white box, but no map or gpx data.

    I assume this is because it’s not run through the “gpx reducer” and is just raw data exported from my Garmin device?

    You can view the specific page at:

  2. HI!

    Works perfect!

    Do you plan to add – show waypoints from gpx file?


  3. @Robb: thank you for your help! from the version 1.0.4 should work even with the garmin gpx

    @Bosti: Yes, will be done soon 🙂

    I’m still having problem with javascript loading in slow connections, I hope to fix it soon…

    • Great 🙂

      Another thing: Is it possible to put map with diagram somewhere between post. It doesn’t matter where I put the code it is always on top.


      • Yes, I’ve already noticed that thing! should be ok in the 1.0.6

        • HI,

          Thanks, it works; but now I have problem: it is just google map on coordinate 0,0; max zoom; no gpx on map and no diagram. I can send you GPX file to test it.

          Regards, Bosti

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for so thank you for sharing!

    My map doesn’t display though 🙁 I get a box on the post which is grey and states “sorry, we have no imagery here” – I know Google has imagery of this area, it’s the lake district in the UK so pretty well covered.

    Happy to send you .gpx file or so anything to test. My attempt to use it is on the post dated 14th December.


  5. hi Cheenis, you are using a wrong shortcode, try this:

    [sgpx gpx="/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Bob Graham Round_Leg 2.gpx"]

    I notice your gps also recorded a fiew points outside the track, you have to manually delete from the line 155 to 191 of your gpx..

    • Ahh… how embarrassing! I can’t believe I missed the .gpx off the end. Sorry for wasting your time with that one. Fantastic little plug in. Great work!

    • Thanks so much for your help too!

    • Ok, I’m stumped again. I’m new to this GPX thing. I use Garmin basecamp to edit the files and on that it is a single line from north to south, but on the picture displayed I seem to have the car journey as well (the line on the left hand side of the picture. Is this what you mean about deleting from line 155 to 191?

      I’ve tried looking again in basecamp, opened in notepad and downloaded a gpx editor and still can’t see line 155 to 191. What do you use to view files and edit them? I’d love to trim that bit off the file, any tips are greatly appreciated.

  6. Massimo,

    Jusdt wanted to say thank you for all your help. The file you sent is perfect. I wish you all the best and can’t rate your plugin and support highly enough. Excellent plugin!



  7. I installed the plugin, but get the following error on the admin screen:

    Can’t create /wp-content/uploads/gpx folder. Please create it and make it writable!
    If not, you will must update the file manually!

    I created manually the gpx folder and assigned writing permissions, but still error remains. What is going wrong?


  8. Feature request:
    I uploaded a GPX track from my garmin device for walks and car drives we did, but the GPX file is cleaned up to 300 points leaving it to course. Would like to have possibility to influence this between the 300 points and all points.

    • Ok, it’s not a problem the implementation, but it’s a very risky feature.
      The first problem is that Google maps crashes with a lot of points. Then, if google maps works, the browser could take a lot of time to draw the map, even more than a minute with 100% cpu..

  9. I noticed an issue with the new version 1.1. The maps show a full line of “j”‘s that run across the screen. Can you supply the older version for the time being until this is fixed?

  10. The plugin can’t upload files on a WP MU installation. I think the problem could be the different upload folder names

    WP: /wp-content/uploads/
    WP MU: /wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/ (where 1 is the blog id)

    If I create the folder /wp-content/blogs.dir/1/gpx/ and upload the gpx files by hand, everything works fine. The plugin is displaying the tracks properly. Very nice plugin, by the way.

  11. Hi,

    this cool plugin is exactly what i need!
    Everything is fine, but i’m still having problems with my server performance while loading (about 30 seconds) the pages/posts where one gpx files are embedded.
    While loading the page/post i have nearly 100% CPU used by httpd (Apache 2.2.15).
    Already tried to skip points (Advanced options), but that only helps a little bit.
    The gpx files are exportet from Garmin Training Center (Garmin Edge 800) and are about 3 MB.
    Is there any configuration problem on my Server or WP?


  12. Ciao Massimo,
    per prima cosa volevo farti i più sinceri complimenti per il plugin.
    Poi ne volevo approfittare per richiederti di implementare la possibilità di visualizzare nel grafico dell’altimetria anche la linea relativa alla velocità.
    Ultima cosa… non riesco a visualizzare le mappe e i grafici all’interno dei post del plugin Simple:Press, non sono compatibili?

    Ti ringrazio in anticipo per la disponibilità

    Complimenti ancora…


    • Ciao Lorenzo, il grafico della velocità ed eventuale cardiogramma saranno le prossime cose che voglio implementare..
      Per quanto riguarda simple press, è normale che non si veda il grafico perchè i plugin funzionano solo all’interno delle pagine/post, metre simple press elabora i suoi contenuti autonomamente..

    • ciao, dalla versione 1.1.6 c’è la possibilità di visualizzare la velocità (devi abilitare sul lato admin)

  13. Thank you so much for this plugin! I’ve been looking for something exactly like this, and it works perfectly. I have just a couple of questions:

    1. How do you customize the color of the Google Chart elevation graph? I found the value for the map, but not the chart.

    2. Is it possible to change the measurements from meters to something else?

    Thanks again!

  14. Hello,
    I have the same problem as described by Robb. I see only a grey rectangle instead the map. Attidute graph is shown. I checked the permission set it to 777. gpx-File is shown Tracks Settings folder. I have installed version 1.1.4 on a qnap-NAS storage.
    Any hints?
    If it would helpful, i can send my gpx.
    Thanks in advanced

  15. Thanks so much for this! I really appreciate the work you’ve done on this.

  16. Hi and thank you for an awesome plugin!

    Please help me with this issue here:
    http://redhotdesign.co.za/cyclebase/testgpxplug/ ( Test account)

    Notice the zoom slider is broken/does not display correctly- please help me to sort this out if possible- I don’t know what is causing it?

    Thanks again for an awesome plugin!

    • Generally is a css problem, try to change template or set the default one..

      • Thanks for your feedback.
        I realize it must be, but I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction, as I’ve been wrestling with this for a while now!

        Thanks again.

  17. Another question for you: is it possible to tweak the style of the ‘Altitude’ text or remove it altogether and left align the ‘m’ values to the map above it??

    I know it’s a long shot, but if possible let me know.

    Thank you again for a superb plugin and support!!

    • from the version 1.1.6 I took off the labels on the left and bottom in order to maximize the chart

  18. This plugin works like a charm..

    I want to make 1 suggestion and ask 2 questions =);

    1. That Scrollwheel thing in maps always annoys me.. When scrolling down to the bottom of the page if cursor hits a map, it stops scrolling down and starts zooming out the map, so i add “scrollwheel: false” to the mapOptions variable.. This can be added as an option on admin page..

    2. Is it possible to print the distance (only distance not height) in kilometers except meters on the elevation graph ?? Couldn’t figure that out..

    3. Is it possible to add icons to the start and finish of the tracks ??

  19. Many thanx for a very nice plugin!

    Please add Swedish in the javascript.

    var loc_se =
    “length” : “Distans”,
    “altitude”: “Höjd”

    • Hi, I took off the language from the javascript but I’m going to add the chart text in the admin area..

  20. I would like to give my “Editors” the ability to upload their own .GPX files. Is there anyway I can do this?

  21. Hi again,

    Is it possible to make elevation chart navigation like this one:

    • that is very nice, and I like it! but google chart is not supporting all that feature yet..I hope it will supported soon!

  22. Feature requests:
    – Possibility to set altitude scale min/max. I live in the Netherlands, so sometimes minus a few meters, but trip to austria has than range from -500 to +1500. I would like to set scale then from 0 to 1500. Gives also possibility to tweak charts such that speed chart is above altitude chart.
    – Display of NEXtgen images on the map based on GPS coordinates in image.
    – Option to enable/disable mouse scrollwheel for zoom
    – parameter to use certain icon for a waypoint; nicest would be if it can be edited on the admin page for the GPX files.

  23. For some reason the speedchart is giving straight line at 0 m/sec for my uploaded GPX files (garmin GPSmap 60CSX / Nuvi 2460). Do you know what the issue is?

    • It might be worth opening your GPX file in a text editor – possibly something has gone wrong with the time for the trackpoints.

    • Same here..
      Speed returns as straight line at 0 km/s although it works fine with other webservices (like ridewithgps)

      Sorry for too much requests, but this is the best plugin for mapping i’ve ever used, i want it to be perfect =) that’s why i’m always nagging =)

  24. Option to add HTML code/text before and after the googlemap. Same for the altitude map.

  25. The googlemaps work fine in firefox, but nothing is displayed in Internet Explorer 9. I have set the theme back to the wordpress default one, selected another one, but no success.

    Do you an idea why I do not see maps with routes in IE9?

  26. Whoa.. Didn’t notice that..
    Maps don’t work with IE6 either..
    Works fine with Chrome..

  27. Ciao Massimo

    Innanzitutto grazie mille per aver creato WP-GPX credo che sarà un grande aiuto per me. Complimenti.

    I’ve been having a problem using the TwentyEleven default theme (unaltered) either the slider disappears or the navigation arrows disappear. And part of the text on the left hand side of the map gets distorted. This second problem seems to be worse in terrain view.

    I’m working on local copy of WP on MAMP so there isn’t a website you can look at. however I have uploaded some screengrabs to my dropbox public folder:





    I’ve tried:

    – reducing the width to 80%;
    – setting the width in pixels;
    – different heights;
    – different tracks;
    – different browsers (Safari and Camino);
    – using the Yoko theme that you use on your site.

    I have just tried switching to one of the WP Mobile Pack mobile themes and this does seem to have fixed the problem. So it looks like this is an issue with the css? (I’m assuming that Yoko was derived from TwentyEleven or TwentyTen)

    I should note that I am using a netbook with a small screen and this may be a factor – although I have tried setting fixed widths without success.

    And while I’m posting there’s another issue that you might not be aware of – the page with the listing of uploaded files doesn’t seem to recognise files with the extension .GPX. Change the extension to .gpx and they appear in the uploaded files, change .gpx to .GPX and they disappear from the list.

    I hope none of this sounds like a criticism – I’m looking forward to using wp-gpx.

    • This is a pretty annoying bug of a lot of themes,
      check in the theme css a line like:

      img { width:95% }

      in twentyeleven style.css the line:
      .entry-content img, .comment-content img, .widget img {
      max-width: 97.5%;

      and remove it..

  28. Oh, and the maps on http://www.pedemontanadelgrappa.it/ appear fine.

  29. Hi and thanks again for the super work you’ve done on this plugin.

    I have a quick question for you:
    What is the best GPX editor, which one would you recommend?

    I know there are lots, I just thought I’d ask you first seeing as you’re an authority on these matters!

    The problem is, I have too many waypoints (flag icons) and I don’t want to show them in the map- as far as I can see, I’ll need to manually remove them- what do you think?

    I have tried to insert the waypoints=false param, but it still shows them… 🙂

    Grazie mille!

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    please use the new Forum: