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[WordPress Plugin Directory] Notice: WP GPX Maps – temporarily disabled

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This morning I received the email below, I’ll try to replace Highcharts with Google chart tools soon.

Upon review, your plugin has been found to be in violation of the directory guidelines, found at


It’s required that all code be compatible with GPL to be included in our directory.

Highcharts and their add ons have been licensed Creative Commons.

Please remove the code and alter the plugin so it is not required. If you cannot alter the code, we suggest you find alternate code that is GPL compatible and use that instead. For more information on what types of licenses are compatible with GPL, please review the following links:


Plugins are closed immediately and the developer contacted when this happens, in part because we have an imperfect system of notifications. This means until your plugin is corrected to meet our guidelines, we will not reopen it. Once you have corrected the issue, checked the code into SVN, and increased your plugin’s version number, please reply and let us know. At that time we will re-review your code (not just the changes, but the entire plugin), so there may be a delay.

Your plugin will not be re-opened until it is reviewed, and it won’t be reviewed until you reply to this email, so please do so as soon as you’ve corrected the issue(s).

If you have any questions, please let us know.



9 commenti

  1. I just started my Mountainblog Project and I love your Plugin! It fits perfect to my Site. I hope you can manage to continue!

    Grazie x il tuo lavoro e tanti saluti di Austria,
    Philipp :good:

  2. Hi,
    I see an issue with WP-GPX-Maps ( Bastianon Massimo ) version 1.5.04.
    The issue it’s on file WP-GPX-Maps.js , line 1078 et column 5. When I see the source code I see :

    hoptions.data.datasets.push( getDataset(lng.atemp,myData,Items, color7, yaxe.id) );

    And for me it’s :

    hoptions.data.datasets.push( getDataset(lng.atemp,myData.Items, color7, yaxe.id) );

    Please do an update.
    Thanks. :good:

  3. Since Google is making an update from July 16th and the whole thing can be expensive, I wanted to ask if there is an alternative to Google Maps API. I heard that Leaflet is OpenSource and that this is an alternative. Could that be? Even if I choose an open source map (for example OpenStreetMap), the plugin always asks me for a Google API, why? Can’t I get around this?

  4. I have just updated the plugin to 1.6.01 and it will not work.

  5. That went faster than expected. Thank you so much! I still noticed that in German the “ö” is not displayed correctly: http://prntscr.com/ke11dg

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