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  1. Would it be possible to deactivate the altitude? The measuring is not exact enough to publish.

  2. Yes, you can set gheight=0 to hide the chart..
    Please use the forum for further requests http://www.devfarm.it/forums/forum/wp-gpx-maps/

  3. Hello,

    I have a special request and I think your plugin will help me in this.

    I want to create a webpage with google maps or freenav … any any map.
    This map will more or less track the location where I am, like a navigation system.
    With a button, I can
    – start logging my current location (registrate every 10s registrate his location coordinates based on the map

    – take a picture of the current map. Can be stored somewhere on the hosting location, WP media files, …

    Can this plugin fill this requirement in?


  4. It looks easy but it’s quite hard!
    The hardest part it’s to create the gpx with your phone (or any gps tool) and upload it directly online.
    RunKeeper Live can do this because it’s uploading the gpx directly on their servers

  5. Hi.
    Is it possible to deactivate the alternative maps? e.g. I define OpenCycleMap as default and I don’t want on my site to show the maps in alternative views. And is there a example to see the differences between Open Cycle Map, Open Cycle Map – Transport, Open Cycle Map – Landscape? I change the maps on my site, but do not see any changes. What are the differences of this maps?
    But in all other, this is the best PGX viewer for WP, many thanks for this good work!
    Thanks, Regards

  6. … and one more: how to change the color for the “center” and “full screen” icon next to the map source switcher?

  7. Hi.

    I hope this will be the last of the last… now I see that the copyright-message-box floats 6px to the right. With white background you will it see not, but with colored you will. And the z-coordinate is a extreme level. With WP4 and 2014 theme, you will see this box on top of the menu bar, when you scroll this box to this.

    Thanks for support.

  8. Hello, I see that WPGPX Mpas plugin is no more… Will you be releasing a professional version please?

  9. Is it possible to add little dots with locations alo ng the route? I mean special points of interest.

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