Install 32 bit Websites on Windows 2008 64 bit besides MS Exchange/Outlook

Every time I’m istalling a website on a Win 2008 64 bit server I’ve a lot of problem with MS Exchange and Outlook components. I think this tutorial might save a lot of time to a lot of people! Event log error message: The Module DLL C:\Windows\system32\RpcProxy\RpcProxy.dll failed to load. The data is the error.

17 Dec 2013

Fixing Corrupted applicationHost.config file in IIS 7 and IIS 7.5

Recently one of my clients applicationHost.config files became corrupted, it might my fault because I was editing that file with notepad, and something went wrong. Anyways IIS7 was erroring out with the error below when I tried to access the websites and application pools. So all websites and web applications were unavailable. The Windows Process

26 Nov 2013

Speed up Entity Framework large data inserting with SqlBulkCopy

As known Entity Framework is quite slow when inserting items and almost unusable when you are insertin 1000+ items. A very fast workaround is using SqlBulkCopy, it’s very fast and easy to use. public static void saveData<T>(ref List<T> list, string destinationTableName, int batchSize) { using (EntityDataReader<T> reader = new EntityDataReader<T>(list)) using (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlBulkCopy sbc = new

23 Jul 2013

How to check if a Javascript Function Exists or Is Defined

To check if a function exists before you try and call it (and get a nasty javasscript error), use typeof to check. Heres a sample: if(typeof helloWorld == 'function') { // function exists, so we can now call it helloWorld(); }

16 Jul 2013

Quick fix for very slow to load “Downloads” folder in Windows 7 & 8

I don’t usually post “tips” but this issue has frustrated me to no end for many months and I finally found a simple but instant effective solution. It’s too good not to spread the word about. In the last couple of months, I started noticing that clicking the “Downloads” folders in Windows Explorer took around

12 Jul 2013
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